Free music – Yummy!

RW_header_logo_2 The record labels and online music services are finally getting it right…  DRM-free music.  What’s DRM you ask? Digital Rights Management.  Basically, when you buy music online, it’s encrypted so only you can listen to it.  The problem is not all DRM is compatible with each other.  iTunes DRM is different than Napster is different than Rhapsody… You get the point.

Recently, iTunes strated selling DRM free music. Amazon then followed suit and now Rhapsody.  What’s this mean? You can buy your music from anyone and play it on any computer or MP3 player.  It’s a good thing – trust me.

So why bring it up? Rhapsody just opened their DRM-free store and they’re giving away a free cd if you create an account.  There are no strings attached other than you have to give them a CC number – nothing will be charged unless you decide to buy music.  I just signed up and I have a $10 credit in my account. If I decide to buy music after I use my credit, then I’ll be charged. If you just use the credit and close the account, though… Free music!

Here’s a linky:

$10 credit for creating a Rhapsody account

UPDATE: The offer was good until the 4th… So at this point, YMMV.  Sign up at your own risk – you may not get the $10 credit.

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