Blackberry? week, Sarah, Hannah, Nathan and I went over to Sarah’s dad’s for a cookout.  Like usual, there was a decent spread of snackies  – cookies, crackers, cheese, finger fruits, etc.

Toward the back was a bowl of raspberries and blackberries that Hannah couldn’t see.  Sarah’s dad asked Hannah if she tried the blackberries because they were soooo good.

Hannah just stood there with a weird look on her face.  I couldn’t figure out why when suddenly it dawned on me.  I proceeded to ask Han what a blackberry was:

That’s your work phone, Daddy…

Came a chipper reply.

Almost as bad – – – –

Hannah asks Sarah today when she can go get a haircut at the “fun place we went to before” (There used to be a kids salon where they got to sit in powerwheel cars and watch videos while their hair was being cut).  Sarah told Han that place had closed, so Hannah – without missing a beat – suggests:

That’s ok.  We can just find where another one is on Daddy’s phone.

Do you think I look up too many things on the iPhone?

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