Ahh… Another Apple Keynote in the bag.  What came out of this one?  A new iPhone of course!  3G network support (MUCH faster web browsing and email), integrated GPS, longer battery life and half the price.  The 8GB iPhone3G is $199 while the 16GB version will come in at $299. July 11th is the magical day. Check out the new ad here.

On top of the new iPhone, Apple is releasing a software upgrade for the current iPhone that allows games and applications to be installed as well as better photo and email support.  All in all – a good keynote. 

And as if that wasn’t enough, the .Mac service (email, online storage) is being overhauled and made into a syncable (with the iPhone, of course) web service with address book, calendar, photo gallery and email. The new service is called MobileMe and will be located at me.com .

July can’t come soon enough!

Adam – can Kelly get one now? They’re half price!!


  1. Erik


    Just think – you could get one for each of you and text sweet little nothings back and forth, take pictures of the kids, and keep up on the White Sox all at the same time – at 3G speeds no less.


    We’ll break him… 😉

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