Welcome back

The past three weeks have been an absolute roller coaster both emotionally and professionally.  After all was said and done, I came out unscathed and have a better job that pays more.  No complaints from me.

I’m sure some of you are curious – where the heck have you been and what happened…  It’s a long story.  If you see me, ask about it.  The writers for General Hospital couldn’t come up with this stuff.

Anyway – I’m glad to be back.  Hopefully I can fall into a groove and bring y’all some mighty fine nuggets on a consistent basis.


  1. Alex

    So, you don’t work for the park service anymore?

    Let me know what happened, as I am not going to be running into you anytime soon.

  2. Kim and Dave

    So what happened? I miss not being able to google talk w/Sarah. How is everything now? How are the kids, Sarah?

    We need to catch up with you guys!!! Maybe we can have you over for a swim party this summer!!!

    Give my love to Sarah!!

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