Benefits of pregnancy

I know this has happened to you… You’re walking through the mall with a friend, spouse, whatever. All of a sudden, there is a stranger offering you a cell phone, squeezing gooey lotion on your hand, wrapping a microwaved sack of rice around your neck or spraying you with hair relaxer.

Yup. Mall kiosks. The annoyance of the new millennium. I want to go to the mall to do one of two things:

  1. Get in and out with my purchases
  2. Take a walk on a hot or rainy day

NOT get sprayed, gooped, or sucked into a new 2 year cell phone contract.

These people will not let up either. We’ve walked past and denied the same person no less than 6 times and they still offer us a free phone on the 7th pass.

Where am I going with this you ask?

I made a very interesting observation the other day. Sarah and I were at Orland Square Mall. We walked past at least a dozen kiosks – cell phones, sun glasses, body lotion – you name it. The funny thing was, no one was talking to us or trying to squeeze crummy products in our hands. They took one look at Sarah’s baby belly and tuned the other way. I mentioned it to Sarah and the same thing happened at the Joliet mall this past week.

Pregnancy = annoying kiosk repellent. I’m marketing this. It’ll be bigger than… than…

It’ll just be big.

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