3 people for dinner

At small group last night, we were asked a question.

What 3 people would you ask to dinner?

They have to be alive, and can be anybody in the world.  One of mine was Steve Jobs.  He took Apple from the verge of collapse in 1997 and built it back to what it is today.  The other 2 I had a hard time with.  I told our group I’d have the list by next week.

What about you?  What 3 people would you invite to dinner?


  1. chris k

    Colin Powell, Bono (he seems to be on everyone’s list) and Billy Crystal. He seems like a genuine family dude. He has a great book based off of his Broadway show called– 700 Sundays.

  2. Erik

    Small group was canceled Sunday night, so I didn’t give it much thought…


    Steve Jobs, Louie Giglio and David Crowder.

    There are a ton more I could choose from, but we’ll go with these 3 for now.

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