Customer Service

So… A while back, my trusted and beloved iPhone stopped vibrating when calls would come in. No shakey with the ringer on, no shakey with the ringer off. Sarah was getting quite annoyed when I wouldn’t answer my phone – I couldn’t feel or hear it… Honest!

As if I needed an excuse to enter the Apple store – there we were Friday night. I explained my plight and the gentleman asked if I had tried turning it off then on – yes. System restore – yes. Updated the firmware – yes.

Ok. It’ll just be a few minutes. Great.

10 minutes later, I was walking out of the Apple store with a new iPhone that shakes when calls come in. No hassle, no fuss, no charge. Just a great customer service experience that comes with buying an Apple product.

Customer. For. Life.

Now – let’s put that into perspective… Imagine how much of an impact Christ followers would have on the world if people walked away from us with the same enthusiasm that I had above. No hassle, no fuss. Just a great experience.

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