Smooth Jesus

I got an email from a friend today with a picture of Jesus. Take a look at this…

I don’t know about you, but Jesus is looking pretty smooth.

Yeah, I got this lamb, and I died for your sins. You dig?

It amazes me how cheesy people can make this stuff and how many people actually like it…

My $.02


  1. DrunkenTech

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people think Jesus looked like a Scandinavian high school water polo player. (tall, moderately built, pale skin and light hair, long hair but shorn face, etc.)

    But since God does have a sense of humor, I can at least think about how it looks like Jesus (in the picture above) is reaching for his light saber to fight off the Romans.

    If he gets any skinnier than what the picture shows, he might just have to make a Frenched rack of lamb. Would be hard to have a Kosher slaughter, though, since the light saber would probably cauterize the wound and prevent bleeding. Jesus was Jewish, after all.

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