His Holy Steveness

From LifeChurch.tv:swerve –

I know that Steve Jobs is not likely to be a pastor of a Christian Church (since he’s been affiliated with the Buddhist religion), but what would the church experience be like if he were?

Here are a few ideas I thought up on one of my flights. I’d love to hear yours.

  • An all-glass front with incredible floor-to-ceiling signage that would welcome you with crisp fonts and simple messaging.
  • The lobby would be pristine, the walls would be sharp white with warm lighting accents, and there would be iMacs lining the walls on each side.
  • Smiling people in black shirts and jeans would welcome you and kindly ask if they could help you, but quickly retreat if you told them no.
  • Walk-in music…(anything from The Beatles).
  • The auditorium would have an all-black stage with one large, stage-level screen and two slightly smaller screens on each side.
  • The band would be set stage right, completely out of the way of the screen.
  • Everyone would have an iPod with their own worship playlist (and if you’re new, one would be provided to you at the door).
  • Countdown (using ProPresenter).
  • Everyone with an iPod—earbuds in…would press play and simultaneously begin singing different songs (but no one would care, because you couldn’t hear everyone else and they couldn’t hear you…sing away!)
  • The playlist would end, and Pastor Jobs would walk onto the stage to thunderous applause.
  • Incredible imagery would display behind Pastor Jobs as he demonstrated the iJesus and invited everyone to demo it immediately.
  • Everyone would be twittering as they were amazed by the iJesus…“I have to have that!” and “That changes everything!” would cross the twitterfeed.

Oh…and there would be tons of people everywhere.

The post gets a little goofy towards the end with the iPods and such, but the top couple points might go somewhere.  Should churches take design element and marketing schemes from corporate America?  At what point does the line get crossed?  A few plasmas placed in high traffic areas for dynamic signage is one thing, but placing one over every urinal in the bathroom is a different story.  What do you think?


One comment

  1. ANewt

    My challenge to you…create this same list from Bill Gates’ standpoint. Your apparant disdain for PC’s coupled with your razor sharp wit should produce a very entertaining read.

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