Tollway woes

tollwayThe Illinois Tollway Authority must be on a roll. I just received a letter in the mail stating I owe them $104.80 for 5 “no pays” dating between 4/06 and 12/07. Funny thing is, I have an IPASS. I think they’re on a roll due to the fact that Sarah’s boss received a letter for the exact same amount for almost the same offenses. A few months back, my buddy Dennis had the same thing happen to him. It’s not bad enough they have their way with your wallet to begin with, now they have to try to strong arm more money out of us with bogus “no pay” claims. How many people do you think just pay the bill instead of calling and getting it straightened out?


  1. Dennis

    Welcome to George Orwell’s America…replacing police officers with cameras. The part I love is the length of time between the “infraction” and the “citation.”

    When a police officer pulls me over, I can explain to a human on the spot what occurred. We can go to court and each present our case. I cannot talk to a camera several months after the fact. I love the fact that the same group that screams about loss of civil rights erects the cameras.

    Don’t worry…everything will be better in November!

  2. Erik

    Man, Dennis… You sound like the HillaBama express…

    “Come November, it’ll all be ok… The bad, bad GOP is going away…”

    We’ll see… 🙂

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