The Truth

Over on the 20 Million Minutes blog, Pastor Steve Lavey posted a video from the show ER they used this past week at Park Community Church in Chicago. Here’s the video and what he had to say:

On Sunday, Jackson Crum of Park Community Church spoke passionately about the forgiveness that is available through Jesus Christ. In setting up the message from Romans 3, he showed an extremely powerful clip from the TV show, “ER”.

In this intense clip, the naked reality of a guilty heart and the intense yearning for forgiveness is amazingly and powerfully exposed in this clip from the NBC hit show, ER (so unusual for a network show – way to go NBC). The story unfolds as a dying man seeks forgiveness due to the weight of his sin — murder. He knows he will be judged after his death. As he lay in his hospital bed, this man seeks the truth from a squishy, new age hospital chaplain that cannot give him the truth because she does not know the truth herself.

The man asked her how he can find forgiveness, and told her that her new age religion was not helping. She kept saying that she just wanted to comfort him, to which his response was that he didn’t want comfort, he wanted the truth. He wanted to real chaplain who believed in forgiveness and hell…because he needed to know and hear it. He needed answers and wanted someone to look him in the eye and tell him how to find forgiveness.

After playing the clip, Jackson quizzed the congregation – “What would we as Christians tell this man?”

I wonder if we are afraid to offend people? This man was hurting. He wanted to hear the truth…the truth that he was a sinner and that because of his sin, he deserved hell. He also needed to hear about Christ’s atoning death on the cross and the forgiveness that is available to all who seek it. He got a squishy message that God is good and loving (which of course He is) and each of us need to interpret what that means for ourselves, when he really wanted to hear is that God is just and righteous. And what he needed to hear was that only God can take away the weight of your sin. I would hope that if we are ever in a similar situation, we would tell the truth of God’s just anger at our sinfulness and the freedom from that sin that is found only in Christ Jesus.

Poweful, powerful stuff and a reminder that God can forgive anything.

Thanks for the link Steve!

Check out Steve’s blog – 20 Million Minutes in the blogroll ——->

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  1. Cheryl

    WOW!!! I’m so stirred up inside right now after watching that clip. This is a wake-up/call for action/be ready kind of inspiration. There are people out there who are tired of the wishy-washy and want the truth. Sometimes it seems like the world prefers the wishy-washy, but this really helps to renew the hope that there have got to be people out there who do prefer real life truth. Thanks for posting this. I used to watch ER, but gave up on it a while ago. This looks like a really good episode.

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