Holy Printers, Batman

We have a couple large printers at work for in-house printing needs. Lately, they’ve been more of a pain than they’re worth. They’re older, out of warranty and are having constant issues that require a certified technician to come out and fix them. According to our replacement schedule, we should have gotten rid of them a few years ago, but they were still working, so we dealt with the issues.

The time has come for their replacement. The new ones were delivered this morning. Here’s a picture:


Keep in mind that’s a standard size outdoor garbage can in the picture. We got two of these guys. Thursday is going to be fun!

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  1. HP Printers

    Don’t you just love those office printers? Big and bulky, sometimes I wonder why not everyone is switching to the newer more compact all in one printers. Anyway most do have the same “qualifications” like their office versions

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