In the last 3 days, Sarah and I have had as many friends lose a loved one. Having lost more than our fair share (IMHO) of family in our 10 years together, my heart goes out to them. I pray that they take comfort in the knowledge that Dad or Grandma is talking with the Lord right now, smiling, laughing, without pain. They’ll be waiting for you. Take your time though…

3 months before Sarah and I got married, my Grandma Richter passed away on Mother’s Day. The road up to that day was hard. She was diabetic, so that added a lot of issues to the mix. A week or so before she passed, she had to have half of her leg amputated due to poor circulation – a complication to the diabetes. She never regained consciousness after the operation, but I remember her telling Sarah and I before she went in:

Don’t worry kids – I’ll be up and walking at your wedding

We blew it off at the time, but looking back, she was walking at our wedding. She was up in heaven with Jesus, watching Sarah walk down the aisle, smiling, in her new, perfect body.


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