Mark your calendars


The tenetive date of Nathan’s arrival is:

April 30th at 9am

If Sarah goes into labor before that, we’ll do the C section early, otherwise, let the betting pools begin on height and weight.  I’ll go first:

8 lbs 3oz

20.5 inches long


  1. Rachel B

    Going blue!!! Congrats! How does big sister Hannah like knowing a baby brother is on the way?

    Put me down for 8 lbs 12 oz.
    20 inches

  2. Rachel B

    I don’t think your guess can count. I smell fraud…I’m thinking your numbers came from the doctor and ultrasounds. It was a little too close!

  3. Erik

    Nope… Just that sweet Dad intuition. The hormone balance in the Richter household has been restored!! Mwhaaaahaaa!!

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