It’s gonna hurt…

Some great images found their way into my inbox this week with the title of:

It’s gonna hurt real bad…







The last one might be too much for some readers…


Click HERE to view it anyway.


  1. Dennis

    thanks for the warning. wish I hadn’t looked. I may not sleep well tonight! I’m scratching running with the bulls off my bucket list!

  2. Cheryl

    Did anyone else involuntarily “clench” whilest viewing the picture of the bull and the poor fella with the red shiny spandex? In an enclosed area with a bull . . . choose to wear red . . . not just red, but shiny red . . . I’m thinkin outcome will not be good!! I now have a new appreciation for sitting.

    Also, I noticed in the 1st picture with the bat flying into the stands – there’s a woman trying to shield herself with what looks to be a cardboard pizza box. Probably not going to be a real protective device! Guess there’s not much else to do when you have seconds to react.

    Yeah, and that last picture . . . the one we had to choose if we wanted to look at or not . . . YIKES!!!!

  3. lor

    I have not looked at the linked picture. not a big one for pain. wonder how long I can last. guess I’ll check it out after I see Dennis’ Friday afternoon funny

    hmmm, might be a long week 🙂

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