iPhone shame

shameI found out yesterday that a friend of mine got an iPhone recently. When it comes to new Apple equipment, we usually share purchases with each other right away (it’s a way the Mac Zealots validate each other). With the iPhone, however, neither one of us was open with each other about the purchase. I bought mine the beginning of October and kept pretty mum for some time. My friend had it for a month and only a handful of people knew.

My question is why? Are we ashamed of spending 400 clams on a “phone”? Do we feel bad for a “frivolous” purchase? Has anyone else kept a large purchase under wraps recently? If so, how come?


  1. Dennis


    I’d like you and your friends to join me next Monday night at the first official meeting of i-phone owners anonymous (i-POA for short). Fortunately, the meeting can be held virtually because the members own just the positively coolest piece of technology since the toaster!

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