Keynote today!

Lees than 2 hours to go until “The Steve” (Steve Jobs) gives the keynote at MacWorld 2008.  Historically, this has been a time when new Apple products are released into the wild.  Last year, was the introduction of the iPhone. 2005 brought us the Mac Mini.  What’s in store for this year?  A lot of people are hoping for a super thin, ultra portable laptop.  Personally, I doubt that one is coming.  A lot of signs point to movie rentals through iTunes, maybe an updated iPhone and some news about the SDK (software development kit) for the iPhone so software companies can write programs for it.  Signs have been hanging at MacWorld for a few days now with

2008. Something is in the air.

That screams wireless SOMETHING to me.

I’m sure the credit cards will be burning this afternoon…

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