macheistLike the MacUpdate bundle I purchased a while back. MacHeist is back for another round of cheap Mac app goodness. It looks like they’ve got a great bundle going so far. There are 9 apps announced at the time of this post with 1 more to come. 50 bucks for 10 apps? You can’t get much better than that. Here’s a partial list of the apps so far:

AppZapper – great uninstaller

Cha-Ching – Financial app

1password – password and form filler

As soon as the buy button goes live, I plan on dropping my 50 clams.

UPDATE: The last app added is Pixelmator. That program alone costs $59. The whole bundle is $49. Whadda deal!

UPDATE2: Another app has been added…  SpeedDownload.  It’ll get even better. I guarantee it!

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