If you’ve been following the blog this week, you might have noticed a person who calls him/herself “sillysillysilly” commenting on my posts about evolution/creationism. It seems as though sillysillysilly (SSS) is quite the evolutionist from what he/she has been posting about science backing up evolution. I heard on the news this morning that some science groups are rejecting any science based on creationism and would like to see it removed from being taught at schools. See one of the stories HERE.

Hey SSS, looks like your wish may come true! Happy Friday to you! 😀

One comment

  1. sillysillysilly

    The judge declared ID Creationism to be silly silly silly two years ago and any high school stupid enough to try to teach it in a science class would again lose a lawsuit and $1000000. (Probably less – the trial would last only 1 day – not 6 weeks.)

    So the new (really quite old) tactic will be “teach the controversy” as though there really is a controversy.

    But little groups like the NAS and IOM want to be clear – there is no controversy.

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