Survey says…


It looks like the family name will carry on with:

Nathan Erik Richter

Thanks for playing – the games over – we’re done… 🙂

All the vitals were normal and we’re still on for a late April birth. Thanks to everyone for the support and prayers so far!


  1. lor

    hey you, congratulations! boys are so much fun.

    4 comments in a minute. holy cow! just living on these computers… don’t have to cheat when you got a direct line into the Big Boss Man 🙂

    seriously, Erik, that’s great – I’m happy for you all

  2. Kelly

    okay, back story:

    we had worship practice last night & I said, “OH, WE NEED TO CHECK ERIK’S BLOG TO SEE IF THEY’RE HAVING A BOY OR GIRL!”

    So, Dennis & I had out our trusty macs (of course). We pulled up your site, saw the wonderful news, then raced to see who could comment first.

    That’s how you got 4 comments in 1 minute.

    Congrats again!!!!

  3. Kelly

    Who woulda thought that I’d geek out??

    So, Obi Wan, is an i-phone next on the list?

    (I know he’s a good guy, but I couldn’t call you Emperor or Vader…)


  4. Bryan Sheppard

    Congratulations Eric!! My wife and I found out on New Years Eve that we are also having a baby boy… we are due about 2 weeks after you are…we can’t wait…

    And isn’t the ultrasound the coolest thing…we are considering one of those 3D ones where we can get a video and some very good idea as to what he is going to look like…

  5. lor

    hey, Erik, this is totally off topic but I noticed that on the Google reader you have the number of comments for each post available to see…

    Kelly has it too

    how do you do that?

  6. Erik

    It’s just a feature of WordPress (the blogging host we use).
    I think it’s kinda neat too!

    You would if you loved her… 🙂

    Thanks! A friend had a 3D one done a few years ago. It was pretty cool seeing the baby like that.

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