Keep dem resolutions

Have some new resolutions that you’re dying to keep? Lifehacker has a post with some great tips and online tools to help keep you in the game past January 15th.

Be SMART about it. Your resolutions should be:

  • Specific. Don’t just say “Lose weight.” Decide to “Lose 12 pounds.”
  • Measurable. Instead of “Be better about corresponding with old friends,” decide to “Send out birthday and holiday cards to my high school friends.”
  • Achievable. “Be the perfect employee/mom/sister/spouse” is an admirable goal, but nobody’s perfect, no matter how resolved they are. Make your resolution something that’s possible—like, “Improve next year’s performance review by at least one grade.”
  • Realistic. You’ve only got so many hours in the day, so make your goals realistic based on what resources and tools you’ve got on hand. Learning how to milk a cow, for example, is less realistic for someone who lives in the middle of Manhattan.
  • Timely. Since these are New Year’s resolutions, set goals you can reach at most within the next 12 months. Giving yourself a “deadline” of sorts will help you figure out where you should be when while tracking your progress.
resolutionTraineo (weight loss and fitness goals)
Track your diet and exercise in ’08 with Traineo, a social weight loss and fitness social site where folks motivate and cheer each other on.

Don’t Break the Chain (new habits, any kind of goal)
How does Jerry Seinfeld constantly pump out better and better jokes? His productivity secret is a simple calendar, where he X’s off the days he writes, making a chain of X’s over time. At webapp Don’t Break the Chain, you can create your Seinfeldian chain to track your progress towards making new habits.

Joe’s Goals
JG is the most flexible, feature-rich, and generic goal tracking site that can log your progress on multiple resolutions in a fun interface.

Plus a few more… Good luck this year!

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