New year, new hobby – sorta

resolutionT-minus 3 days and 2007 will be over and 2008 will be here. What will your resolutions be?


Since I received the new camera for Christmas, I plan on taking a picture a day in an attempt to get better at photography. In addition to the picture a day, I’d like to setup a photoblog so i can showcase some of my pictures. A Daily Dose of Imagery is a great photoblog that does something similar. I’ll have nothing on his pictures, but I’ll give it my best shot. A link to the new blog is forthcoming.

Another item I want to work on is my bible reading. I’ve been pretty lax lately. what’s sad, is I have no excuse. At home we have multiple bibles in multiple versions. If I’m not at home, the iPhone can access without even blinking…

Third biggie is to get back into a regular routine at the gym. I was great from Jan-Sept. Then we went on vacation and the diet and workout took a backseat.

There are my plans… what are yours?

One comment

  1. Jim Henry

    At Church, my biggie this year is to work myself off of the stage at least once a month, freeing me up to help with music for our children and youth…or even spend a Sunday running the sound board.

    Personally, I want to go much deeper in prayer this year. I love having “conversational” prayer with God throughout the day, but this year, I’m after some serious “knee time”.

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