Christmas Serve

give bloodWith 2/3 of the family being sick, it was a little hard to get everyone available to do something for our serve at church. We were planning on going to the nursing home, but obvously didn’t pan out. Sunday afternoon was spent sleeping for all of us in the Richter household. I had been planning all along to give blood on Monday morning, so I did.

Woke up at 530a, got ready for work, and headed over to Heartland Blood Center in Joliet. I had donated with them before (8 years ago it turns out…) so I was already in the system. A couple adjustments to my info and I was ready for my screening.

Iron – Good

Blood Pressure – a tad on the high side, but ok

A few questions and we were ready to go.

Deed done. The whole process took less than 30 minutes. The nurse that performed all the needle work was very nice and we chatted a little during the donate. What was the topper for the morning was what she said as we were finishing up. She wished me a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year in the name of God our Father. What a way to start the morning… Giving something of mine that can save a life and getting a heartfelt blessing from a total stranger.

One comment

  1. Eva

    thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this!! You didn’t just bless the patients you helped or the blood center staff – knowing that people from my church stepped up and gave blood is a huge blessing to my heart. Thanks.

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