Must go faster…

I was doing some homework tonight and the graphics were loading a tad on the slow side so I decided to test my bandwidth to see how fast my internet connection was. I’ll preface the graphic by saying that I pay for 6Mb/s down and 512kb/s up, but Comcast (I have a cable modem) has a feature called SpeedBoost that kicks your connection into overdrive for the first 20 seconds or so for fast downloads and uploads. Here were my results from :


For you non-geeks out there, that’s 21Mb/s down and 1500kb/s up. 3.5x faster down and 3x faster up than what I pay for. Like I said, these speeds are ony sustained for the first 20-30 seconds, but still. 21Mb/s is DANG fast!

From what I understand, Comcast is going to open the floodgates on bandwidth next year to close to 100Mb/s to compete with Verison’s fiber internet. I can’t wait!

What kinds of speeds are you getting from your ISP?  Run the test and comment with who your ISP is and what kind of connection (cable, dsl, dialup -ugh!, AOL -double ugh!) you have.


  1. Kelly

    Erik, its 5:30 am on a Saturday morning. I just woke up Adam because I did not know what ISP meant (I’m a major non-geek!) – don’t worry though, he fell right back asleep!

    Okay, so here are my results:

    download = 2442 kb/s
    upload = 430 kb/s

    My ISP (internet service provider, in case anyone else doesn’t know 🙂 ) is AT&T.

    We have DSL

    So, how did I do?

  2. Erik

    In that case –

    The RAM on the motherboard is PC4200 ECC DDR2 and has a clock rate of 500Mhz. And I really hate when the SATA HDD gets drive head read errors. 😉

  3. Kelly

    is it same to assume that if I put together a bunch of random letters & numbers, I’ll sound like a cool “geekster?”


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