ben stein expelledScott McClellen over at the Collide Magazine Blog just got back from a pre-screening of Expelled – a movie that deals with Darwinism vs. Intelligent Design. He’s reserving a review since the movie has no official release date other than Feb 2008, but gives a link to the movie’s website. I watched the “Super Trailer” (it’s pretty long) and was hooked. Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think. I’ll be in line to see this one.


Movie Trailer                        Movie Website


  1. Eva

    WOW. Agreed, that looks really good. I have a difficult time discussing science because it’s never been a big interest of mine, so it’s quite easy for me to shrug and say, “God made it that way” and not feel compelled to dig any further. I admire those who do the research, ask the questions, are willing to admit that we can’t know everything, and then stand up and make the case for creation. Thanks for linking to this.

  2. sillysillysilly

    But the judge ruled “it’s not science”. Because there’s no research. Because “God made it that way” completely stops any scientific inquiry.

    So this movie is about a pseudo-scientist not getting tenure in a university science department? Maybe good political propaganda, but basically it’s all lies.

  3. Erik

    I disagree. If evolution is still considered a “theory” then intelligent design should get the same treatment as it’s also a “theory”. If there was enough scientific proof that evolution was, without a doubt, undeniable, the theory moniker would have been dropped long ago. Something is still missing from the equation.

    Lie or not, there’s no reason both can’t be given equal treatment until a definitive answer is found. Let’s let people decide what they want to believe instead of only presenting one “theory” as fact.

  4. sillysillysilly

    “If evolution is still considered a “theory”” blah blah blah

    You are, of course, scientifically illiterate.

    This creationist cannard is sillysillysilly.

    Intelligent design is not a scientific theory. It’s “God did it” somehow someway sometime somewhere. It makes no predictions. So it can’t be tested for true or false. You need to learn what “scientific theory” really means to scientists.

    “there’s no reason both can’t be given equal treatment ”

    Oh yes there is – the judge said that “intelligent design” is creationism religion and thus cannot be taught in a science class because of the separation of church and state. So if you try to teach it in high school, you could lose a million dollar lawsuit like they did.

    “until a definitive answer is found”

    Further proof of your scientific illiteracy. Only in mathematics is there a “definitive answer”. The answers in science are always “provisional”.

    “Let’s let people decide what they want to believe”

    Riiight. Let’s vote on scientific truth. Let’s let people believe that everything was created 6000 years ago. Let’s believe in “miracles”. Riiight. Let’s face the truth – most people are scientifically illiterate. (Except for the completely dishonest ones at the “Discovery” “Institute” for advanced creationist propaganda.)

  5. Erik

    “Intelligent design is not a scientific theory. It’s “God did it” somehow someway sometime somewhere. It makes no predictions. So it can’t be tested for true or false. You need to learn what “scientific theory” really means to scientists.”

    …and evolution is “chance did it”…

    There may be more science to back evolution, but that’s one of the things this movie is trying bring to light – there is accepted science behind ID. My faith adds to my bias, science adds to your bias. Let’s just agree to disagree.

    Happy New Year if we don’t talk (comment) until then! 🙂

  6. sillysillysilly

    “and evolution is “chance did it””

    Your attempt at parody is lame. You are ignorant about evolution?

    “there is accepted science behind ID”

    The judge had a 6 week trial and said “no”.
    The defendants lost one million dollars.
    You don’t understand that “God did it” is not science? I know “design” when I see it and “I see it everywhere” is not science.

    “science adds to your bias”

    No, my bias is towards reality. And science reflects accepted reality.

    “Let’s just agree to disagree.”

    It’s not much fun beating up an unarmed person. Scientifically, you are unarmed.

  7. Erik

    “Scientifically, you are unarmed.”

    I agree. I’m not as knowledgeable as I should be on the science end. I know the information I need is out there – it’s been debated to death – I just need to find it. To be honest – it’s not on the top of my to do list.

    “You are ignorant about evolution?”

    No, I just choose to not accept the widespread “Macro” evolution theory. Micro evolution – maybe.

    “No, my bias is towards reality. And science reflects accepted reality.”

    Perhaps your reality differs from mine… 😀

  8. sillysillysilly

    “I just need to find it.”

    You aren’t looking very hard. Everything is on “talk origins”. The creationists haven’t come up with anything new in 20+ years? They just keep editing the books to change “creationism” to “intelligent design”.

    “No, I just choose to not accept the widespread “Macro” evolution theory. Micro evolution – maybe.”

    That is creationist canard #3.
    #1 is “it’s only a theory”.
    #2 is “you weren’t there”.
    #4 is “we can’t know everything”.

    They are all silly silly silly.

    “Perhaps your reality differs from mine.”

    No, our realities are the same, but you choose to ignore scientific reality.

    Now as to politics – why did the creationists force the Director of Science of the Texas Education Agency to resign? I’ll bet that expulsion won’t be in the movie – it’s quite contrary to their bias.

  9. Erik

    Nope. I’m not looking very hard. It’s not important to me. I have my thoughts, beliefs and justifications and I’m happy with them. I don’t have to know the answers to everything. if science is there to back up what I believe true, cool. If not, no big deal. We’ll all know the truth one day.

  10. sillysillysilly

    “We’ll all know the truth one day.”

    This is an obviously unscientific statement. It would seem that you have some sort of silly expectation of an “afterlife” where the truth will be “revealed” to the “chosen” (or everyone?). Silly silly silly. Obvously you don’t care about learning the truth in this lifetime.

    We seem to have gotten away from the one-sided political propaganda that is in this silly movie “Expelled”.

  11. Erik

    You’re right – we hit a bunny trail and ran with it.

    Anyway… I saw a blurb about church and state above… Here comes another battle. It was written as church and state not church FROM state. The original intent was not to force a religion (more denomination 225 years ago) on the people. How is teaching ID alongside evolution forcing a religion on people. You can be a Christian, Jew, Hindu, etc. and still have a belief of ID.

    As for the Texas Education Agency… ??? Hypocrisy exists everywhere.

  12. sillysillysilly

    “How is teaching ID alongside evolution forcing a religion on people?”

    You have not phrased this question properly and you have not read the 139 page decision of the judge after his 6 week trial.

    The judge found that ID was creationism and thus religious and thus could not be taught in a high school science class. In other words, a high school science class is paid for by the “state” and cannot teach a religious “idea” due to the “separation of church and state”.

    “Hypocrisy exists everywhere.”

    That’s not the point. The question is: has a decision been made that is “unjust”? Now Ben Stein would have you believe that failing to grant tenure to a professor who failed to publish enough, failed to obtain grant money, and failed to sponsor graduate students is unjust. But my point is that forcing a 9 year veteran to resign because of an email is far more unjust. Ask a lawyer – which case is more likely to receive a favorable court verdict from a lawsuit?

    Ben Stein is wasting money and talent on a lying political propaganda movie.

  13. Erik


    I noticed that too. A fellow blogger commented offline that sillysillysilly might just be that Director of Science from Texas… the world may never know.

  14. sillysillysilly

    She has better things to do than play with your stupid blog. If we took away all the creationists’ canards, they would not have a single thing to say.

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