I smell a conspiracy

xmas lights 2102‘Tis the weekend to decorate the home for the holidays, right? Every year, this weekend is our Christmas setup. We bring out the tree, snowman-ify the house (Sarah has a thing for snowmen), and put up the lights outside.

Everything went well this year. Sarah’s grandma came over yesterday and helped decorate the tree, Hannah helped put snowmen in every corner of the house and I spent a couple hours outside getting the front of the house “lit”.

I was one string of lights short, so after church today, I stopped at Ace and picked up a box of GE “Classic” lights. I love these. They’re standard lights with a plastic cover over each bulb that makes it look “old fashion-y”. Anyway, I bought my box of lights and went home.

We had bought about 5 sets of these lights right after we got married (7 years ago) for our pathetic Charlie Brown tree. Since then, we’ve updated to a pre-lit tree and I used the GE lights outside on the house. Well, the last set died last year, so I bought a new set last year to supplement the dead set and realized that even though I still got 50 lights per strand, the length of the strand was far less than the strand from 7 years ago. Ok. That’s fine.

magoo xmasThis year, the newer strand from last year wasn’t enough to stretch across the whole front of the house, so I got the new set from Ace (see above). The two sets worked great. Both together are the perfect length.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. The set from 7 years ago was a good length. It stretched across the whole front porch. The set from last year was considerably shorter. I compared the box from last year and the box from this year – another 2 feet shorter! 18.3 feet last year versus 16.3 feet this year. I suspect GE is making the sets shorter each year so you’re constantly short and have to go buy another set or two. This years shorter set was more expensive than last years too!!

Maybe I’m just a touch on the crazy side, but I have a feeling the Christmas light lobby in Washington is going strong. What’s a festive guy to do?

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