Polly Pocket (full of money)

polly registerHannah’s new favorite toy du jour is the Polly Pocket “Shop Til You Drop” Cash Register. This thing cracks me up. It comes with play paper money, play coin money, and of course a play credit card. You can type in items, use the fake scanner to scan stuff, and there’s even a microphone so you can announce when the store is opening and closing. It’s nuts! What really gets me is when you’re done “scanning” your items and hit enter, Polly says

Your total is $x.xx scan your charge card now

After you swipe the card, Polly says

Charge approved! Thank you for shopping with me!

What a way to get 4 year olds into the habit… Start with some “practice” and they’ll be ready by the time they hit college. Talk about capitalism at its finest.

One comment

  1. Christine Henry

    This reminds me of the time I asked the kids where monesy comes from. They are 8 and 5. They said you just go to the bank and get it. Or you just use your card. I asked them how it gets in the bank and they said that it is always there. You can get as much as you want. When I told them that we work for our money they couldn’t believe it. They really thought the whole direct deposit thing was strange.

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