Rob BellRob Bell has created 17 Nooma videos with number 18 on the way.  If you go over to, you can view the full version of number 18 and link to a list of eBay auctions of the tshirts they used in the video.  Some of the shirts are already in the hundreds of dollars with 2 1/2 days to go…  A bit too rich for my tastes.

Personally, I like the Nooma videos and Rob Bell.  I know there are some that criticize Bell for being part of the “Emerging Church” movement, but he really makes you think and I feel that’s the important thing.  What’s more pleasing to God – doing something for the sake of doing it because it’s been done for a hundred years, or thinking through your actions and doing them in a meaningful (more worshipful?) manner?  I vote on the latter.


  1. Kelly

    I agree with you Erik. I like Rob Bell too. I’ve only read one of his books, and I felt challenged to think about things in a different way.

    I also love the videos. Again, they give you a lot to reflect on & I find they always “stick” with me.

  2. Eva

    I don’ t think it’s a matter of either approach being the better one. If Rob Bell makes you think and is meaningful to you, go with Rob Bell. If the traditions make you think and are meaningful to you, go with them. As long as we all give each other space to take different approaches, and we all have the goal of drawing closer to God, I think that means we’re on the right track (or “tracks,” I guess!).

  3. Erik


    I agree with you, Eva. What I don’t get is going through the motions just to say you did them. If traditional brings you closer to God (or God closer to you… It’s not about me, remember?), great! I probably just have a bad taste in my mouth from the years of “going through the motions” at previous churches. If someone is cool staying the course, go nuts! I personally need to shake things up once in a while. 🙂

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