Sock it to me

smile socksAn entry over at has an article about how to recycle your old socks… Here are a few of the more interesting ones:

Make a drink cozy. This requires a long sock. Cut the whole top of the sock off. It is ready to slide over a bottle to keep the bottle cool (insulated). A shorter sock can be used for cups and cans.

Make garden soap holders. Gardening can be messy and dirty. Pop a soap bar into the bottom of an old sock and tie a knot around the soap part of the sock. Leave the long part of the sock for tying onto a faucet in the garden. It will be ready for you whenever you need to clean up outside after a gardening session.

Make a sock jump rope. All you half to do is tie about 15 or so long socks in a line and you have a neat jump rope! its also fun to use different colored socks!

There are 14 others if you’re interested…

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