New idea…

PrayForOver on the 268 blog, Louie Giglio posted a “First Monday Prayer Guide” with 16 points to pray about. I thought it might be cool to start something similar, but have you guys comment things to pray for. Get as personal as you want, or go for the general stuff. It’s totally free form, so the choice is yours. I’ll start with the first one:


  1. Dennis

    I love it Erik…we need to do a version of this!

    Here’s my prayer…

    Life’s too short and hell is too hot to play church! Never let us settle for anything less than the real thing!

  2. Tristi

    How about we pray for marriage — the marriage of each and every person we know. God knows every marriage needs prayer to make it in this world!

  3. Cheryl

    Prayer for our kids. May God draw them close to Him as they make choices each day. May God show Himself to them and may they see Him. And may God guide them through the stuff that happens in kids’ lives and protect them from the needless stuff.

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