Dog Eat Dog

::: Erik hops on a soapbox :::batdog

You know what bugs me lately?  Seeing dogs treated better than people.  Over the weekend, Sarah and Han were at the mall.  Han pointed and said:

“Look, Mommy!  A puppy!”

Sure enough, there was a dog in the mall sitting in a baby stroller.  There was no kid in sight.  This was the dog’s stroller.

Go to Target, K-Mart, oe Wal-Mart and you will have no problem finding clothes for our canine friends.

Why does this bother me?  When animals take priority over people, I’m bothered.  When people worry more about the dog than their kids, I’m bothered.  When children are living on the street, but Spot is living in the lap of luxury,  I’m bothered.

I have no problem loving your pet – I had cats the majority of my life and loved them to death – but lately it seems like things are getting out of hand.

::: Erik steps down from soapbox :::

One comment

  1. Tristi

    I hear you! Now that I have two kids, I tell myself “she’s just a dog” when I think I’m not spending enough time with our household pet. We love her and know she is still created by God. At the same time, people are the priority.

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