It’s over

bonfireWell… It’s over. Like usual, I ate too much candy and Hannah had too much fun. Halloween is aways a good time. We usually spend the afternoon with my family and all the kids get together to trick-or-treat. Then it’s back home to warm up by the bonfire and get a couple big pizzas. I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. What did everyone else do?

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  1. Cheryl

    We trick or treated with the neighbors. Dads took the kids around while us moms (and Maya) stayed in and handed out candy together. This is the first year I decided I’m not going to sit and hand out candy alone so I asked the mom next door if she wanted to put a sign on her door saying “Next Door” and she came over and we handed out candy together. It was nice. Then when the boys came back and were all done gathering the goods they had some hot chocolate and they played hide and seek while us adults talked. It was a very nice Halloween for the Salomons.

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