Jesus’ Book Club?

vemaToday we had a gentleman from the UN speak at church. This guy was amazing! He meets with ambassadors and heads of state from around the world and spreads the good news of Jesus Christ. That’s his life’s mission. He had a deep desire after becoming a Christian to spread the gospel to the world. He claimed it might be difficult to personally talk to 6 billion people, so he goes straight for the heads of state so they can issue reform in their country and spread the gospel from there. Amazing.

He asked a question this morning that struck me:

If Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Jesus were up here talking, who would you listen to? Who would the world listen to?

What are your thoughts?


  1. Christine Henry

    I don’t much care for Oprah or Dr. Phil. After I recieved Christ I realized how deceiving Oprah really is. If people were to read the bible for one hour a day instead of watching her show-what do you think the difference would be. There is no doubt that she has done amazing things but unfortunately she gets all the glory. Dr. Phil-is it working for anyone yet?

  2. Nichole O

    We recently had him at our church as well and he was a dynamic speaker. Christians around the world should imbrace what he is saying because that is what all of us as Christians should be doing anyways.

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