May the Force be with you

On October 23rd, Luke Skywalker’s light saber from the first (Episode IV for the geeks) Star Wars movie was taken into space aboard the space shuttle Discovery. It will travel over 6 million miles to the International Space Station and back, finally landing in Houston and eventually making it’s way back to LucasFilms. Because of this historic event, I feel you need to watch this:


  1. Eva

    I watched about 20 seconds, and I had to make it stop. 🙂 re: carrying a lightsabre all around and then taking it back… um, isn’t that kind of lame? I think they should throw one out into space, so that all the fans can know that there’s a real piece of Star Wars out there in real outer space. It just seems like that would be cooler.

  2. Kelly

    Where to start?

    The clashing notes? The cheesy acting? How about the top-notch dancing (gotta love heel clicks!)?

    Oh, and someone really should have told her she got Christmas tinsel on her costume.

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