No talking

atheistWatching the news tonight, I see a story come on about an individual in Buffalo Grove, IL that is fighting the new state law making mandatory a moment of silence at the beginning of the school day. This gentleman suggests that:

“They’ll be damaging my daughter in that this process stops the public school teacher from teaching during instructional time paid for by the taxpayers,”

He claims that over 3 hours of instructional time will be wasted throughout the school year by following this law.

Now I can give him the fact that 3 hours of time will be used for something other than instruction. Will that time be wasted? Well, that’s up to the student. If he or she chooses to pray or meditate, I find that a positive use of time. If they choose to text message a friend, that’s another story. What really pulls at my heart are all the people backing this man. I searched Google for info on this and the first link I clicked on had comments and criticisms bashing the idea. Here are a couple quotes:

I said something similar in the other thread about this, only I didn’t do the math, but I figured about a 1/2 day of school would need to be made up for all of this foolishness. I do hope Missouri doesn’t try to pull this crap.

Are these nuts so insecure about their imaginary god that they have to force everyone else around them to bow in silent deference? Sadly, yes.

These quotes are from an atheist site, mind you, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Christians are going to have a harder time in the coming days.

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