Here we go again

Angels and demonsLooks like Ron Howard and Tom Hanks are hooking back up in early 2008 to shoot “Angels & Demons”, the prequel to “The DaVinci Code”. More “The church isn’t telling us the whole story!!” is sure to ensue.

I read (listened to, actually) The DaVinci Code when everyone was up in arms over the movie coming out – I have a problem being against a book I never read – and thought it was entertaining. Action, mystery, conspiracy… What’s not to like? The junk about Christ… Yeah, I got cheezed off, but it’s a story. Anybody that does their homework will realize Dan Brown is full of it saying the book is based on fact. The movie on the other hand was just ok. It didn’t do the book justice. I’ll get off my soapbox now…

Anyway – What are your thoughts on the new movie? Will there be a feud like before? I haven’t read A&D, but from what I understand, there is more Catholic Church bashing:

Hanks’ character, a Harvard-based expert on religious symbols, this time sleuths a mystery that involves a secret society and a conspiracy that leads to Vatican City and threatens the future of the Catholic Church.

Are you going to read the book? See the movie? Picket in front of the theater?

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  1. Dennis

    I think the Passion phenomenon caused Hollywood to realize that there is a market for movies among Christians. “Spirituality” gets attention. Even more attention is drawn to conspiracy-driven spirituality. Say the Pope has a secret that he’s been hiding for 2000 years and you’ll catch attention. The film executives know their business…they know that any press is press. Put out a faith-bashing film and Christians will talk about it…free press. In some ways I think the Christian subculture overplayed DaVinci…or maybe we were played! We forget sometimes that the message of Christ has legs…it can stand on its own. Jesus isn’t going to be taken down by a rumor that his wife was serving communion at the Last Supper. We need to answer legitimate questions…but we also need to stop hyperventilating. Jesus can survive Forrest Gump and Opie!

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