IMAP, You Map…


Finally – gMail has opened the doors to IMAP access for email. What does this mean? People with mobile devices (iPhones, Blackberrys, etc) will have easier and more streamlined access to their gMail email and Google Apps email. I can’t stress enough how cool this is. Before, the only way to access your email was through the website or use POP access to download your email to a client (Thunderbird, Outlook Express). The website was ok – POP access is a pain because once the mail is off the server, it’s gone. There are certain settings to prevent this, but that’s another story. IMAP essentially syncs your email between the server and the email program, so you can connect from multiple places and your folders and email are always the same.

It looks like Google is performing a gradual roll out of the service, so if IMAP doesn’t show up under settings, check back every couple hours.

Don’t have gMail? Check it out… They give you over 4GB of space for email. Soon to be over 6GB!

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