Unplug, man!


I about spit out my Cherry Coke Zero when I saw today’s Dilbert comic… It’s so me.

Being a tech head, I’m plugged in all day long between work, side jobs, email, research, and school. Heck, I didn’t need to buy books for school because the curriculum is completely online – books, quizzes, tests, even the class evaluation at the end. Sadly, this is becoming the norm. People would rather spend hours playing World of Warcraft (online game) or browsing Facebook/MySpace than being outside or having physical human contact. My post a few days ago depicts an episode that shows me falling into this trap too. Whether it’s small group or a walk in the park, I think we all need to get out and have more contact with people and this amazing world that’s been created for us.

One comment

  1. Libby Davy

    Cannot agree more! Something needs to give… We all need to help each other unplug a bit more… So…. we’re kind of mounting a worldwide challenge to spread the meme about unplugging from the Net / mobile / devices sometimes and gaining a little more control over our lives. If everyone uses the tag unplug, we will aggregate them into a blog and then eventually, self-help manuals. Bestest – Libby

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