Happy Birthday iPod!

1g ipod

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the iPod’s unveiling in Cupertino, CA.  What started as a 5GB, 1000 song unit, has grown into various forms, the largest being a 160GB, 40,000 song global icon.

I’m ashamed to admit how many I own…  What about you?  Are you anti-iPod? What’re your thoughts on the “revolution”?


  1. dogslol

    hi! since i’m a frugal nut, i haven’t caved in to buying an ipod. instead, i purchased a 1G mp3 player for $30. hehe. i don’t even know what brand, but it helps me get going at the gym!

  2. Jim Henry

    Couldn’t live without it. My iPod follows me everywhere…the car, the gym (when I actually go), my office, the sound booth at church. It’s been on 3 road trips, 2 hotels, Christine’s Grandma’s house, 6 airplanes and it’s not even close to 1/2 full. If I’m the “Skipper”, it’s my “Little Buddy”!!!

    Happy birthday to a revolution 🙂

  3. Eva

    I’m apparently a hopeless relic at age 29: I buy CDs and listen to the radio. I guess I find the whole Ipod thing confusing – it’s pretty much a Walkman (isn’t it?), and I had one of those when I was about 11, so it seems like the 80s all over again to me. And I don’t really like putting those little earbuds in my ears.

    So I’m not against Ipod in the sense of anyone else having them; I’m just nonplussed by them. Also, I used to think they were exclusively for playing stolen music tracks from the internet, though at least I now “get” that you can legitimately buy music for them! (One small glimmer of hope that I will some day catch up…)

  4. nora

    I have an iriver, since it records voice – I got it for language stuff. Really, I did. Then I put some music on it…one day I’ll do linguistics with it, maybe!

    Eva, it’s way better than a walkman (I used to think the same as you). I can put 9 CDs on my iriver and have enough music to listen to new stuff for hours in the car, without hauling my CDs with me. It is so portable! And, now I’m in the process of putting all my CDs (cooler people than me call it ‘ripping’) on my computer, so I can quickly pop different music onto my widget for the next 9 hour drive.

    Now I’m starting to buy music online, since I can download it much faster and cheaper than having it sent from home. Ok, I’m turning into a techno geek, but I was talking with Dennis on skype, he told me about a CD he’s liking lately, I listened to parts online, and downloaded it – all while we were still talking.

    Ok, enough about the joys of these wonderful tiny gadgets. Someday I’ll even have an ipod instead of this silly iriver -pain in the neck to download updates for it, I already killed one by doing something wrong. Good thing I had two-gotta have backup devices for those language sessions. Really, that is why I got them!

    Oh and about the earbuds-well, I won’t get started on my Sony travel speakers…

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