I read a blog called Church Video Ideas.  Today, there was a post with a YouTube video of a skit done to Lifehouse’s song Everything. All I can say about the skit is – Wow.  To be completely honest, I teared up.  It’s basically a testimony of our lives today.  You have two choices – run towards, or run away.  Which will you pick.  I know which one I did.


  1. dennis

    I just saw this last week…you cutting edge maniac! Get ready for a Rock Run showing. It was used during worship at the conference last week and caught me by the throat. I’m not normally into dance…this worked! I too had very wet eyes.

  2. Cheryl

    Wow that was really good. It really presents a vivid picture of the spiritual struggle. Definitely happy tears at the end. I really think I need to show it to the girls in my small group.

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