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Today is Blog Action Day. What is Blog Action Day you ask? It’s a day that millions (hopefully) of bloggers around the world will be blogging about environmental issues – getting people to go green. I’m no raging tree hugger, but I do believe we have a responsibility to take care of the world God created for us. I’ve changed out a good portion of my incandescent light bulbs for florescent ones (mostly for $$$ reasons), and try to keep the furnace and air at a reasonable level. Here’s a link to keep you busy for a while:

I don’t buy in to all the hype from the links on that page, but there are some valid points mixed in.

What are you doing to “Go Green”?


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  2. Lo

    While I am not against doing whatever I can to protect our environment, I have been hesitant to replace my existing incandescent lightbulbs with the spiral flourescent ones. They contain mercury, which by the way, is very harmful to our environment. I read an article recently of a woman who had one of these lightbulbs in her daughter’s ceiling fans. It broke and was strewn all over the floor. Having read the warning label on the package about safe disposal, she called a local home store. They told her to contact her local poison control center. Subsequently, the room has been sealed off until it can be cleaned up by an evironmantal clean-up firm, who estimated the clean-up would cost approx. $2000. Oh, and her homeowners insurance will not cover the cost.

    Some other things to consider – There are limited recycling prospects for disposing of these light bulbs. If they are not disposed of properly, and everyone gets on this bandwagon to change to this type of bulb, mercury will be leaching into our water supply. Quite a quandry if you ask me.

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